Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Many of our brothers are involved in Social Greek and Service Greek organizations on top of their commitment to AKPsi. We do have a rule that you cannot pledge another Greek organization while going through New Member Education with Alpha Kappa Psi. You also cannot join AKPsi if you are a member of another business fraternity.
Yes. At Alpha Kappa Psi, we believe that all qualified students should become a member of our organization, regardless of their financial situation. We have a pledge to grant full scholarship to any brother that is in need of financial assistance.
The New Membership Education process is traditionally 6 weeks. We expect all new members to commit to the entirety of the process and treat Alpha Kappa Psi as a primary time commitment.
We evaluate our prospective members on the following criteria: professional potential, social fit, and dedication to the organization. Professional potential involves academic record, campus leadership, and relevant work experience. Social fit is defined by how well you interact with our brothers. Dedication to the organization is defined by our perception of your passion to join Alpha Kappa Psi and the likelihood that you will contribute to the organization in the future.
Yes! We encourage all prior applicants to apply again. We look very favorably on individuals who have rushed in Alpha Kappa Psi in the past. This demonstrates to us that you are passionate about the organization and willing to accept feedback and improve your candidacy.
No business experience is required for admission into Alpha Kappa Psi. This is especially true for Freshmen and Sophomores. Furthermore, we compare candidates that are within the same class standing, so Freshmen don’t have to worry about being compared to Sophomores or Juniors with more experience.

For any other questions, please email our recruitment team at [email protected]